Lesbian, queer and a fervent feminist, Caro has a bachelor’s degree in social work and several community experiences that help shape her activism and drive her thirst for social justice.

In 2016, she noticed the lack of lesbo-queer spaces in Québec City and decided to organize two L&Elles evenings with the support of Alliance Arc-en-ciel. The following year, she joined forces with Cécile Lequen, who was also interested in creating these spaces. Together, they co-founded the volunteer Collectif Plurielles, which aims to put the spotlight on women, queer and non-binary people through cultural events in Québec City.

Since 2017, Plurielles evenings have welcomed a variety of artists from the worlds of music, theater, literature and drag art: The Johans, Tamara Weber, Meilo Spear, Adieu Narcisse, Geneviève Dufour, DJ White Fatigue, Maryline Léonard, Érika Hagen-Veilleux, LYD., Ines Sirine Azaiez, Mayfly, Carolanne Foucher, Rock Bière, Margo Ganassa, RV Métal, Pascale Chiasson, CisMon Genderfuck, Élisabeth Lavoie  Soraï. Caro also wears many other hats (or rather, many caps). Since 2019, she has worked in a community organization to prevent child abuse. This environment enables her to cultivate her values of solidarity and conscious communication, as well as helping to create safe, caring spaces. Caro also donates her time to the Fête Arc-en-ciel de Québec, whose mission is to raise the visibility to emerging artists. For her, visibility is gentle form of activism, a powerful political tool that we must not neglect.